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Individual Therapy

"My inner life is my only instrument. I understand the world only by my attempts to shape my experiences. Then and only then do I know what I think, feel and believe."                                                        Dani  Shapiro,  author

Individual Therapy is a way into your inner life. It is a way to hear your own inner voice, to know your true self, and to take action on your own behalf. It lifts depression, lowers anxiety, strengthens your inner resources,  and helps to restore your sense of self when you feel defeated, devastated, or lost so that you can engage with life, relationships, and work more fully.

In therapy my focus will be to create a setting in which you feel a sense of emotional safety and acceptance and where you feel acknowledged and understood.  With empathic listening and an interactive style,  I incorporate psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories and techniques and tailor them to meet each client's needs.   

Throughout this process, we will explore how present and past experiences contribute to current difficulties. I will help you to work through unresolved issues, change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, and heal old wounds.  Your true self emerges feeling strengthened and empowered, a sense of connection increases, more of your emotional needs get met, and you act on attaining your desired goals. 

For many it is often a difficult decision to seek individual therapy. It is not easy to imagine that someone will understand and accept your deepest pain and vulnerabilities. In the privacy of our one-to-one setting, you are free to be yourself, to express your deepest thoughts and feelings. I see each client as unique and I pay particular attention to the needs and pace of each person. 

With a warm and thoughtful presence, a non-judgemental atmosphere of respect, support, and compassion, you can feel assured that in deciding to seek individual therapy out of a desire to feel better, you will surely benefit.

Whether we work in short-term, "here and now" individual counseling or in more in-depth therapy, challenges and obstacles become opportunities for growth.